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Determining paternity is often a complex, though necessary, process. The benefits of an action of paternity are that it determines the biological relationship a man has with his child and allows key rights and responsibilities to be legally granted to the father. For this reason, many fathers who desire to have custody of their child or be given visitation rights will often seek to prove their parentage. Alternatively, mothers may want to prove paternity to assure that the child’s biological father will also financially contribute to the care of their child.

Since establishing paternity can sometimes involve legal complications, it is critical to have a knowledgeable Houston paternity action lawyer on your side. When it comes to handling these delicate situations, know that you are in capable hands when you come to our team here at The Law Office of Jimoh PC.

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Comprehensive Support for Those Seeking Paternity Action

Establishing paternity can sometimes be a tricky, delicate business. Sometimes, biological fathers feel disadvantaged because they are not able to support their children or even visit them without establishing paternity. On the other hand, mothers may fear that they will not be able to have the financial support they need to care for all the needs of their children, ranging from their education to their health. In either case, it is usually in the children’s best interest to have the love and guidance of both parents in their lives.

Our firm is proud to say that we have great experience in dealing with multiple kinds of these scenarios. Get in touch with us whenever you require advocacy in a paternity action case where:

  • You are a father seeking to pursue paternity and receive your due parenting responsibilities and visiting rights
  • You are a mother, whether married, single, or pregnant, who is looking to have the father’s presence in the life of your child, or seeking his support to financially care for your child
  • You are in a domestic partnership and need to prove paternity for certain legal and financial benefits to be inherited by your child
  • You and your partner are not married but are committed and need to establish paternity for any reason
  • You are a man who has been served with a lawsuit for paternity, even though you are certain the child is not yours

How Paternity Is Established in Texas

Depending on your unique circumstances and the current standing between you and the child’s other parent, the case for paternity might take a very different direction. For example, when both individuals agree upon the father’s identity, they may file a document about the child’s legal parentage, which is known as the Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) form. However, if the parties disagree about the child’s parentage, then they can file a suit in court, which will often involve a DNA test to determine paternity.

The Importance of Having Powerful Legal Aid

Even though it may sound like a DNA test is a simple way of establishing paternity, there are unfortunately many aspects in which a clear-cut case can become muddled or confused. If the right procedures are not followed, the case can also be extended, meaning that you may have to pay additional court fees. To have your interests fairly represented, get in touch with our Houston paternity action attorney right away.

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