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Protecting Your Time with Your Grandchildren

Many people know about parental rights, especially as child custody and support cases are constantly being publicized by the news, social media, and television. However, few people are aware that grandparents also have crucial rights as well. Grandparents often perform a key role in the care and development of their grandchildren.

Just because challenging events have occurred with the parents, whether they have become divorced or are no longer fit to provide for their children, does not suddenly nullify the bonds that exist between the children and their grandparents. When such a situation occurs, you must reach out to our Houston grandparents’ rights lawyer immediately, so that we can protect your relationship with your family.

Visitation and Custody Rights of Grandparents in Texas

When there has been a tumultuous event that has changed a family’s structure, from a divorce to a restraining order, this often disrupts the grandparents’ ability to spend time with their family. In many cases, when barriers arise between the 2 parents, this awkwardness extends to grandparents as well.

Such a situation is not only deeply unfortunate, since it hurts the children’s intimate bond with their grandparents if they are suddenly barred from seeing each other, but in many cases, it is actually illegal. Therefore, the court will often ensure that grandparents are still allowed to visit their grandchildren, so long as a knowledgeable Houston grandparents' rights lawyer can prove that such meetings are working for the children’s best interest.

Some of the situations where we can support your rights for visitation include scenarios where:

  • There has been a divorce between the child’s parents
  • The child has been taken in by Child Protective Services on account of domestic abuse from the parent(s)
  • The child has been staying with the grandparents for a period of 6 months within the past couple of years
  • The child’s parent has been determined to be incompetent, has been imprisoned, or has died
  • A court order has terminated the legal relationship between a child and their parents

You May Have Rights in Extenuating Circumstances

In certain situations, it might be that your own child is attempting to prevent you from having contact with your grandchild. In these circumstances, your rights greatly depend on whether you already had an intimate relationship with your grandchild. If your grandchild has lived with you for an extended period of time, or if you can prove that their parent is unfortunately unfit to care for them, then you might be able to persuade the court that you should have custody of your grandchild. We can work with you to determine the possibility of having your grandchild be taken into your care.

Defending Your Family in Difficult Times

Unfortunately, it can be extremely hard for you to ensure that your rights as a grandparent are upheld if the parent who has been deemed the custodian or guardian tries to prevent you from visiting. This is where it is critical you get in touch with our experienced attorney here at The Law Office of Jimoh PC.

Call us today at (713) 999-6585 or contact us online to find out more about the ways that our Houston grandparents rights attorney can begin defending your rights.

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